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“Learning music is a birthright. And you have to start young.”

Sir Simon Rattle


Studies show that starting piano or violin lessons prior to age 7 causes permanent changes to the brain that are linked to better motor skills.

Journal of Neuroscience

January 2013

Arts education is an essential part of a child’s development.

The following data portrays the comparison of students of a low socio economic status (SES) in schools with low arts compared to low SES students with high arts.

arts education improves math scores

arts education improves writing scores

arts education increases participation in extracurricular activities

arts education increases participation in physical activities

arts education leads to civic engagement

arts education leads to participation in political campaigns

arts education leads to higher four-year college completion rate

arts education leads to college success

STEAMing to the Core

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Teachers on Tour: Elizabeth Derham

To motivate and empower a classroom, teachers must be motivated and empowered as well. This is only possible with a balanced schedule and most of our instructors, at their core, are both teachers and performers. Scarsdale Strings believes in nurturing our teachers’...

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Arts In Schools Month

Scarsdale Strings is launching the ‘Arts in Schools’ month in May 2015. This is our way of celebrating and appreciating arts education with our partner schools. Scarsdale Strings not only integrates the Arts into STEM, but consolidates the Arts with the wider...

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What do the arts mean to you?

We are all aware of the reasons why the arts are so important. Research has come at the issue from different angles- academic, social, socio-emotional, neurobiological. Arts in schools help scaffold students into concepts beyond the arts classroom. The beauty of the...

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