What does education mean to you? We asked this question to our talented students at P.S. 65 and they came up with the most innovative answers. After some discussion and brainstorming they reached a consensus- Education means to learn and to learn we must make mistakes.

They are now working on a composition based on the theme of “Making mistakes” which will go viral during the ‘Arts In Schools’ month, in May 2015. Poets from the Nuyorican Poets Café will be responding to our video with original spoken word poetry.

The students in our PS 65 after school program are a mixed group of 25 selected students from kindergarten to grade five. Kindergarten students practice the violin and first graders work on percussion instruments. Grades two and three work on chorus, while grades four and five practice the guitar or keyboard or work on computer music. These students have worked as an ensemble, using their diverse skill sets to craft this composition with guidance from their Scarsdale Strings instructor Christopher Celiz.

Arts education is alluring for students because while technique needs to be taught and honed, the arts can be used as a base to foster creativity. With the arts, making mistakes isn’t seen as a failure but a pathway to innovation. By nurturing this mindset, Scarsdale Strings prepares its students to conquer any field they choose. Our students agree with this and we let them speak for themselves- this campaign is a testament!