At Scarsdale Strings we love to tell our teachers just how much they mean to us. As a part of the Arts in Schools month, we gave students from our different partner schools the following prompt- My arts teacher changed my life. Here are five answers that we found interesting/funny/compelling.


Scarsdale Strings-Music, Dance, Arts- PS 199

Our instructor always brightens up this student’s day!


Scarsdale Strings- Music, Dance, Arts- Middle Village Preparatory Charter School

Our arts teachers open students up to a world of possibilities



Scarsdale Strings- Music, Dance, Arts- PS 11

Scarsdale Strings arts teachers make you work towards higher goals!


Scarsdale Strings- Music, Dance, Arts- PS 28

Parents are proud of the work their little scholars do with Scarsdale Strings arts teachers


Scarsdale Strings Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute

Scarsdale Strings arts teachers inspire their students