“An AMAZING partner. It’s been amazing to see our young people FALL IN LOVE with PERFORMANCE. We know that quality music education is valuable in its own right. But it also teaches discipline, teamwork, and improves ACADEMIC SCHOOLS. It’s been a joy to collaborate – our children are benefitting!”


Richard R. Buery, Jr.
Deputy Mayor of New York City and
Former President & CEO, The Children’s Aid Society

“As a strong supporter of the arts, I COMMEND this program for undertaking the mission of exposing students to various FORMS OF EXPRESSION. The arts enhance lives and culture and it is especially IMPERATIVE for young people to have opportunities to express themselves through dance, music, visual arts, performance, or other art forms.”


Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins
Democratic Conference Leader

A COOPERATIVE PARTNERSHIP, working to complement and augment existing programs. This demonstrates their COMMITMENT and DEDICATION to creating an infallible education system.”


Dr. Michael Yazurlo
Superintendent, Yonkers Public Schools and
Former Superintendent, Tuckahoe School District

“My son is deliriously HAPPY and has fallen deeper in love with playing the cello-he completely LIGHTS UP when he gets to perform. Anna Stampfli is WONDERFUL and she, along with the other musicians/instructors are MIRACLE workers and have helped my son and others find their musical PASSIONS. Thank you so much for bringing such a RICH and NURTURING music program to MSC and we are all so eager to see it FLOURISH and reach new heights in the fall.”


Ruby Dawson
Mother of Arts Youth Empowerment District Orchestra Student

“Our daughter is very excited about the GUITAR CLASS, although I’m sure she’s not half as EXCITED about it as her parents! I am THRILLED she is able to experience guitar through the program”


Juliet Bailey
Chatsworth Avenue Elementary School

“One of the things that most impressed me when I first learned of this program was its BREADTH of OFFERINGS. As someone who coordinates after school programming, I can appreciate a RELIABLE vendor who can bring a DIVERSE mix of classes to the table.”


Mother of student
Scarsdale Public Schools

“As a volunteer organizer for our PTA after school program, I only want the kids to have a GREAT EXPERIENCE and enjoy the time. This program has made many kids and parents HAPPY at Edgewood. The instructors are professional and teach a WELL-DEVELOPED curriculum. In just ten weeks the kids gained a sense of accomplishment!”


Laura Pierson
Former Head of After School Clubs
Edgewood Elementary School

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