Scarsdale Strings is launching the ‘Arts in Schools’ month in May 2015. This is our way of celebrating and appreciating arts education with our partner schools. Scarsdale Strings not only integrates the Arts into STEM, but consolidates the Arts with the wider community. During this month we will be running viral campaigns with Nuyorican Poets Cafe and Bideawee Animal Shelter. The ‘Arts in Schools’ month is one of involvement, engagement and advocacy.

We intend to use this month to immerse students, parents, teachers, educators and advocates in the world of arts education. We will have interactive badges that are designed to spark conversation about the value of arts education programs. We will be featuring sound bites from celebrities about the impact of arts education. Our partners and prospective teachers will get a glimpse into the world of our highly qualified instructors. Student opinions will find space on our website. Parents can also look to us for tips on how to be our at home motivating partner. Our education blog will run beyond May; during the ‘Arts In Schools’ month we will feature innovative ways we work with our partner schools to strengthen the arts and contribute towards whole school reform.